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Full Body character
The only thing I can't draw is mecha

1-3 characters, extra would be 5 points each
background will be transparent, if you want something in the background (like the 3rd one shown above, it's five points
i'll  take more time with the shading and whatnot

up to 2 characters,
t-shirt/sticker design
if you want to buy merch for a franchise that has no merchandise, then I'll make a design that'll go on my redbubble, and then you can order it as a shirt, sticker, or phone case, among other things

please note me before you commission me
please only commission this if you plan on buying it on my redbubble



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Zarathustra Ashton Kline
United States
Eyeball Divider small by F-FREAK Eyeball Divider small by F-FREAK

I'm currently obsessed with Gravity Falls, Nuclear Throne, Occultic;Nine, End Roll, Infinity Train, and Xenosaga
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Eyes Nuclear Throne Stamp by lonely-eel Yung Venuz Nuclear Throne Stamp (A) by lonely-eel Eyes Nuclear Throne Stamp (B) by lonely-eel Melting Nuclear Throne Stamp (A) by lonely-eel

Eyebat Animation by CloverWing Eyebat Animation by CloverWing
Flying Eyeball by hermygurl I love eyebats! Flying Eyeball by hermygurl
Eyebat Animation by CloverWing Eyebat Animation by CloverWing
Pyronica Button by sparrowAg17 Pyrocynical Button [UPDATED] by RedLeaderProductions
Bill Cipher Journal 3 by nekomaster1000 Free Bill Cipher Icon by LeniProduction
Xenosaga 10th Anniversary Stamp by AiselnePN xenosaga stamp by BlueValkyrie Welcome to Night Vale Stamp by SpoonyMacks Welcome to Desert Bluffs Stamp by SpoonyMacks Pastelgoth stamp by stahmps Tentacle Stamp by She-Shark i love eyes stamp by softpuppie Awesome eyeballs stamp by Ag-Cat Evil Laughter Stamp by Cadillac-Blood SUPERJAIL STAMP by ARISTOCREEP Pyrocynical Stamp - F2U by qu33n-bee



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i already have
a steampunk watch
a black and gold watch
a madoka magica watch w/ kyubey's face
a pink digital watch
a bulky black watch
an eagle pocket watch 
a silver and blue watch that doesnt fit me
i just ordered a rainbow LED watch with diamonds around the face

i plan on getting that huge gold Legend of Zelda watch at hot topic and that light up Majora's Mask watch also at hot topic

i bought another fuckin watch i cant believe this
i already have like 5 or more and i got yet another fuckin watch

i'm gonna end up getting a collection of over 20

ok so
i got my emf thing out
(keep in mind that this thing is very accurate and by waving magnets in front of it, i can prove that it works)
this thing is usually at around 50 whenever it's in my house

but anyway i just got it out, it was at 50 which is what it usually is, i look away to find a magnet to test it again, i look back and this fucker is at 113 all of a sudden. i pick it up and it goes back down to 50 as i slowly move it up, then i slowly put it down and it rises to 100 again, i do this multiple times to see if it's not just randomly spiking, then i move it closer to me and it goes to fuckin 200, then i rushed downstairs to show my mom and this fucker goeS ALL THE WAY UP TO 1000???????

i saw one of those things at a store where u put a few quarters in and it gives you a random item and it was pool themed (so of course i gotta try it) and i got the 8Ball on the first try
its apparently a stress ball and its rly squishy and i love it


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